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The Phoenix Real Estate Company

Phoenix has been established to be one of the largest companies working in the field of the real estate development locally and regionally by owning a variety of projects. Phoenix tends to serve all of the segments of society by meeting the real estate needs that are related to expanding the customer base. Furthermore, it positively contributes to the social and economic development of the communities in which it operates in.

Our accomplishment in Phoenix Company

Pillars contributes to the development of the Phoenix Real Estate. This happens through the services that has included the several aspects. It has ensured a distinguished digital presence that has helped it to grow its business. For instance, the graphic design, the content building, the launching and the supervising of the advertising and the marketing campaigns. Moreover, it has gone further in building the company's visual identity completely. Below are the most important services that we have already performed.

The Graphic Design Services

In the designs of the Phoenix Real Estate Company, we have adopted a distinctive strategy through which we have maintained the delivery of the company's messages to its customers. This has been done by the use of the innovative and unique ideas, in addition to the elegant and eye-catching appearance. Definitely, this, in turn, has achieved the goals in light of the crowd and noisiness of the competition in the field of which the Phoenix Company operates.

Pillars team has taken care of the following aspects while the team works on creating the graphic designs:

  1. Taking into account the user experience in various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and the others. This works through the consistent metrics, with a professional and positive dimension.

  1. Pillars has also made sure that its designs are trustworthy, by paying attention to several things, such as: studying the target segment, the customer journey map, and the ideas to be communicated while working on making them anchored in the minds.

  1. Studying the company's objectives. Then, we tend to focus on demonstrating the value that the Phoenix Company offers to its customers.

Building a visual identity:

Providing the factors of beauty and creativity is the main responsibility of the design team. Hence, the visual aspect has been elegant and expressive of the essence of the Phoenix Real Estate. For instance, the logo, the fonts, the images, the colors amongst the other important elements. Definitely, this has made the company’s personality quite distinctive with its consistency.

 We have also taken it upon ourselves to establish the visual identity of the target audience. This has given us the character of professionalism, reliability and distinction to Phoenix Company.

In the end, we wish more professional success for all of those ones who are managing the Phoenix Real Estate, and we are very proud of the efforts of the Pillars team as well. 

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