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Our role in developing the seniar program

The Pillars Team for digital services has contributed to the development of the seniar program from several aspects. On the one hand, this has enabled those who are in charge of it to manage it and take control of the episodes in an easier and smoother way. Of course, this is from a technical point of view. On the other hand, and from an aesthetic point of view, we have worked on selecting the most beautiful colors and have employed them in all of the designs of the program.

We have contributed to the development and the support of the seniar program over a period of two years. This has made us very proud of the expertise of the Pillars Team, as our team have contributed to providing several services, including what follows: 

Advanced software services, and we can say that the experience, the creativity, the large imagination, and the qualification are enough to enable the programmers in Pillars to program the right part at the right time. These parts that the follower will see while waiting for their appearance with extreme accuracy, and this ability to control is performed remotely by a panel control that is easy to handle through a computer, or smart applications on the different tablets.

Graphic design: Pillars Company has contributed to the selection of the colors of the seniar program. It has been also concerned about the visual communication and the presentation methods. It has used the various methods in order to prepare the symbols and the images to create a visual appearance that expresses about all of the program's paragraphs.

The company has further improved the readability of the texts by improving their visual presentation and correcting all of the related problems as well.

It has also provided the ability to modify the texts at any time, and easily with the speed of display through certain special designs. Moreover, the company has worked on developing the fonts and solving all of the problems that are related to this aspect. Definitely, this continuous effort will ensure the aesthetic part of the program that will attain the ease of control and the pleasure to the viewer while one is watching.

It goes without saying that Pillars services are quite qualified to combine the creativity and the art at the same time. To boot, the programmer works relying on one’s creativity and imagination to think and to be malleable about the required needs. Despite the great importance of the programming process in the seniar program, it lies, first of all, in understanding the desires and the tastes of the different groups. Then, it focuses on facilitating the control of all of the parts of the program. Then, it gets applied with the same graphic design in terms of displaying and controlling the animations.

We are proud of the achievements of the Pillars team in the television business. We are also pleased to cooperate with the distinguished TV channel "Sama Dubai", and the Al-Siniar heritage with its entertainment program. It has allowed us to use our expertise in developing this purposeful program.

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