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Alshara program is one of the most important entertainment programs that have won the admiration of the Emirati viewer in particular, and the Arab in general. It presents the daily competitions, and it offers the valuable cash prizes in each episode.

Indeed, it includes all the fields of the traditional life in the United Arab Emirates. This program derives its success from the viewers who love it. Thence, this is accurately what it has been accustomed to being since its first program on the Abu Dhabi screen, in the Emirates.

We have worked at pillars e-Solutions to develop the Alshara program over a period of eight years. In fact, we have made through the Alshara program some qualitative leaps, in terms of image quality, aesthetic designs, quality of performance, intelligence and ease of control.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of programming and the graphic design, we were able to turn this program into a professionally designed program with very reasonable construction costs compared to its simple and expensive design.

Because we have sufficient experience in the field of television business, we were able to choose the most beautiful and appropriate colors for display on TV screens. Adding to this, we also used the “graphic on air” technology, whereby our expert team has been able to change the graphics and the colors live on the air. Thus, we have really worked out a better picture.

After considering the designing of the quiz programs as a hard work that has always required the effort and the time for each episode aside, the Pillars Team took advantage of the most advanced and the most modern programming techniques to make the Alshara program as one of the best TV programs, by making it smart, interactive, modifiable, and of course easier to edit.

We have also provided several services and features, the most important ones are as follows:

Easiness, the time for effort is over when one has to answer to every question is asked live. There is no longer a need to prepare special designs and waste the time on that for all of the questions are read through the text files that can be easily modified at any time.

Consistency, as we have solved the problem of Arabic fonts and we have provided the comprehensive support for this aspect. Beforehand, it causes problems in reading the texts live, including the figurative movements in the Arabic language, reading from right to left, and the connection of letters to each other and the other problems that are no longer existing.

Programming, the Pillars team has built a very smart software system to control the flow of the graphics live on the air remotely as they are required by each part of the program.

Some of them have been controlling the appearance of the questions and determining the answers that the caller have chosen through the computer in the control room. Furthermore, some of them are the smart applications that are on the various tablets such as the iPad, to control the program inside of the studio in front of what the followers are watching.

Thus, we have overcome the problems of the remote control, and we have ensured the stability of the networks for control, throughout the design of smart software.

The design, for we have chosen the most beautiful and the most suitable colors for TV screens. At first, the colors there have a different way of display than they are on the computers.  Then, any error may occur in choosing them can really cause problems.

We have also made sure to quickly display 3D graphics by building an easy-to-control program that make it sure for the administrators to have an easy performance and a smooth presentation.

In addition, we have improved the display of the SMS bar, and we have made it smooth and elegant, after it was causing problematic display issues.

Likewise, we have overcome transparency issues, and we have built a multi-transparency program to appear as a layer above the studio. Thus, the program has appeared in its elegant and distinctive form, alongside with the efforts of its organizers. 

We are proud of our team’s efforts in developing the Alshara program, and also in helping it to get rid of all of the obstacles and the problems it has been facing during the live broadcast. Besides, our team has amazingly succeeded in making it an easy-to-control, elegant-looking program.

We wish for all of those who are in charge of the Alshara program every success in their career path, wishing for them more brilliance and success.

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