Shadi Hussien

Shadi Hussien

CFO & Tax Consultant
 Welcome to Pillars for Technology Solutions 

I will elaborate to you the importance of accounting in E-Commerce and the services that we offer you in our company to make it easier for you to manage your own business. 

As the manager of the accounting department, I see that with the spread of many E-Commerce stores and drop-shopping sites, the responsibility of the site owners has increased to ensure the security of the accounting side. It goes without saying that working in E-Commerce definitely requires the availability of the basic features that it must start with safety; and it is not surprising that it is supposed to finish with saving time and effort. 

There must be an invoice preparation, the data inventory management, and the credit card charging facilities must be followed up. If your business doesn't make payment methods easy, the potential for revenue loss is pretty high. 

But fortunately, at Pillars, we can offer all of the accounting solutions for E-Commerce owners. For further support to our customers, we develop your accounting software that are based on your business developments.

We're capable of making your accounting system more simple and clearer. We have a great tendency to provide a suite of reporting and analysis tools that definitely help you to get a holistic view of your E-Commerce financial performance. 

Pillars accounting team provides comprehensive solutions not only for E-Commerce stores, but also for self-employed people, start-ups and also the large companies. Subtly, they’re all treated alike. We successfully work on setting up easy-to-control panels to manage the total budgets. 

We help you to get everything you need with just a single click. 

Shadi Hussein
Director of the Accounting Department