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The Phoenix Real Estate Company

Phoenix has been established to be one of the largest companies working in the field of the real estate development locally and regionally by owning a variety of projects. Phoenix tends to serve all of the segments of society by meeting the real estate needs that are related to expanding the customer base. Furthermore, it positively contributes to the social and economic development of the communities in which it operates in.

Our accomplishment in Phoenix Company

Pillars contributes to the development of the Phoenix Real Estate. This happens through the services that has included the several aspects. It has ensured a distinguished digital presence that has helped it to grow its business. For instance, the graphic design, the content building, the launching and the supervising of the advertising and the marketing campaigns. Moreover, it has gone further in building the company's visual identity completely. Below are the most important services that we have already performed.

The Content building:

The Pillars team has adopted a well-thought-out content plan in the types, publication dates, and platforms that will be published in. This will be based on the strategic goals that aim at being achieved. This, of course, starts from attracting many interested followers to the Phoenix’ accounts on the social media. This occurs through the content marketing strategy, to the advertising and marketing content that has led amazingly to a significant increase revenues.

In the content-building journey, our main focus has been on the target audience and their needs in accordance with the company’s goals. Henceforth, we have been able to create an attractive and purposeful content. This has accomplished the trading brand image and it has increased the loyalty of its customers to it as well.

Above all, we have not relied on one type of content; but rather, we have used expressive texts, striking images and videos so as to better convey every single thing concerning the Phoenix Company. Thus, we have succeeded in making the followers fully aware of what it offers.

Launching the Advertising and Marketing campaigns:

Believing that the world nowadays spends most of its time on the social media sites, we have had to work on reaching the target groups who are interested in what Phoenix Real Estate offers.

We have launched and managed Phoenix company’s advertising and marketing campaigns on the social media. It goes without saying that with the efforts of our specialized and expert team, we have been able to achieve the best results in the record time.

Depending on our extensive experience in the field of the advertising in the real estate field, we have been able to identify the target group very accurately, and we have also studied the appropriate formula in which we will update this category in order to be able to capture their attention.

Therefore, we have set the necessary budget in the agreement with the Phoenix Company. Accurately, this part was very important, as all of the numbers have carefully studied. It is not surprising that this exactly what has made us achieve more than wonderful returns.

We have followed the campaigns on a daily basis. We have also monitored their performance. Absolutely, our team have worked on a continuous improvement, as well as sending the periodic reports and the continuous evaluation.

We are proud of the efforts of our advertising specialists and experts because of their expertise that has always made us one of the pioneers of the digital marketing.

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