Haneen Al Atrache

Haneen Al Atrache

Promotion & Advertising Manager

Welcome to Pillars, e-Solutions..

I will briefly introduce you to the Promotion and Advertisement Department…

The advertisement and the promotion are one of the most important activities that one cannot be dispensed with for all of the types of projects. For this reason, we have given this aspect a quite sufficient attention. We didn’t stop at preparing and developing the advertisements; but we would rather be more creative in applying the campaigns, and also follow them so as to guarantee their success.

It happens that the advertisements, which are with attractive designs, and also the ideas, which are innovative in order to capture the attention of the potential customers more quickly. Definitely, they are used in different forms: they may be textual, audible, or also visual. 

We work to know the product, and to understand its features and their benefits; in addition to the fact that we are collecting the pieces of information about the target group. Not to mention that we focus on the competing markets amongst many other useful pieces of information so as to know what people are talking about the trading brand. 

We are a team, who enjoys having the creative skills, expert knowledge in the marketing, advertising and consumer behavior fields. We combine our talent in advertisement creation to our expertise in the promotion. Thence, all of the advertisement designers, the content writers, and the marketing consultants work hand in hand in the various corners of the advertisement. 

We have a devout wishes to make you achieve your goals in the best way, the most creative and unique methods that you can ever have. 

Hanin al-Atrash

Promotion and Advertisement Manager